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If getting the quickest medical treatment when you or your family require medical attention is a priority for you, then you may be surprised with how affordable private medical insurance can be.
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What is Private Medical Insurance?

Private medical insurance gives you and your family piece of mind when you need medical attention; the treatment is quick in a hospital of your choice without having to face lengthy NHS queues.

What Are The Benefits?

Private Medical Insurance gives you choices and relieves any concerns with relying on the NHS to see you and treat you quickly, you can usually receive quick treatment when and where you want.

  • You get the cover you want, without paying for anything you don't need.
  • It's affordable private medical cover at a price to suit you.
  • You can get an instant quote in just a few minutes.

Are there different types of cover?

Health insurance has many forms of cover, with most private medical insurance policies, you will pay a monthly premium that will cover your treatment and time in hospital, cover does range depending on your premium and level of cover, so it’s important to read the terms and conditions of your policy to ensure you are getting the required levels of cover.
There are also health cash plans. These policies contribute towards healthcare costs, they work by paying out a cash sum whenever you require treatment.

Things to consider

The premiums on a medical insurance policy tend to increase with age and with any existing medical conditions, so it’s important to declare your full medical history when getting a quote to ensure your insurance is valid and you are fully covered.
Many policies also charge an excess - the portion of any insurance claim you must pay yourself. Before buying cover, find out exactly what benefits the policy you are interested in will pay out for.